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The latest segment to be introduced to Cornwall Council's timetable of video releases is... MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY.

Today, Julie de Groot, Senior Occupational Health Advisor, talks about the importance of mindfulness for improving mental health.

If you are interested in mindfulness, you may want to explore the following resources: 

  • NHS Mindfulness guidance
  • MIND Mindfulness guidance
  • Mindfulness gurus: Jon Kabat-Zinn and Eckhart Tolle - Apps: Headspace, Calm and Aura
  • Mindful activities: Yoga and tai chi are particularly good as the incorporate mindful breathing. However, exercising, gardening, baking, cooking and other similar activities can also be mindful as you are forced to be in the moment.

Cornwall Council have developed a training course, entitled Be Mindful About Mental Health, which looks at the different ways you can look after your mental health, including the concept of mindfulness and how you can incorporate mindfulness easily into your day to day life. If you are interested in this course, please email: (stating Be Mindful About Mental Health in the subject title). 

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