"I think having a Health and Wellbeing Champion is a really good thing – I think it gives a sense of cohesion to the office and makes it a better place to work."

"The various health checks that have been offered as well as the lifestyle advice sent out are much appreciated and valued."

"Having a trained health champion in our department means that we have access and awareness to all the different health initiatives and campaigns taking place. It also educates us about our wellbeing and I feel we are more proactive in looking after our health."

"I personally feel better for these sessions and as a consequence it has made me think about whether it would be possible to place a higher priority on regular movement within the workplace to see if an improvement can be made in the health and wellbeing of as many staff as possible."


"The course was brilliant I really enjoyed it and my life has definitely improved since attending, I feel happier and have started doing more artistic/creative things... I also feel more confident and less afraid to go for it with different types of craft and feel I have new skills to help me manage my stress levels."

"I think the health checks the Wellbeing Team provide are essential. I was advised by them to visit my GP following a high blood pressure reading taken during Know Your Numbers week. I never would've have known I had hypertension without them as I had experienced no symptoms."


"After a very difficult and traumatic year personally, the focus and the challenge of the exercise has helped with my grief immeasurably. I found it really worthwhile and I was better placed to manage stress in the workplace and at home. It’s been so very positive for my mental health and well-being." - Feedback from Promoting Mental Wellness through Physical Activity referral programme

Welcome to the Cornwall Council Workforce Health & Wellbeing Programme

The Workforce Health & Wellbeing Programme is committed to support Cornish staff to live happier, healthier lives and we are dedicated to provide the necessary support and opportunities to enable employees to develop their own staff wellbeing programme.

One size does not fit all so we want to work with you to develop a holistic culture of wellbeing that suits your unique staff through a flexible and responsive process of support and training which starts with your own Health and Wellbeing Champion. Together we can find what works for you; it may be token gestures which encourage a moment of happiness such as a midweek treat to minimize stress or it may be more structured techniques with a focus on individual value or physical health. We are here to help you find out what works well for you. 

Improves employee morale and health

Perhaps the most important benefit of wellbeing schemes is their benefit to employee’s health. Companies that promote healthier eating and exercise can help their workforce minimise the risk of heart disease and other health concerns.


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Increased productivity

It should come as no surprise that healthier and happier employees are more productive. When we eat better and exercise more we are usually less tired and find it much easier to focus better and for longer. In fact, unhealthy lifestyles are correlated to unproductive workplace habits.


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Employee recruitment and retention

Employers that commit to improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce stand out for their well-rounded approach to providing for their employees. Your commitment to wellbeing will help cement your reputation as a top employer. Ultimately, this means you will attract and retain talented people and lower recruitment and training costs. 

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Reduced absenteeism & presenteeism

The wellbeing of workers is increasingly understood to be fundamental to the long-term success of organisations. Happy, healthy and empowered workers are more likely to perform better at their jobs, take fewer sick days, stay with an organisation longer, give better customer service and, ultimately, boost a company’s productivity.

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