"I think having a Health and Wellbeing Champion is a really good thing – I think it gives a sense of cohesion to the office and makes it a better place to work."

Improved employee health

Perhaps the most important benefit of wellbeing schemes is the potential benefit to employee’s health. With the right education, skills, motivation, skills/tools, and social support, people change behaviours. Well-being programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. 

As well as being great for employees, this can also reduce the amount of time employees take off for these various health issues which is good news for the business too. 

What health behaviours could be targeted in a wellbeing programme?

There are a huge number of topics that could be explored and promoted within a health and wellbeing programme, including but not exclusive to: 

  • Physical activity / exercise
  • Diet and hydration
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Mental health and building resilience 
  • Addiction - smoking, alcohol and/or gambling
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Cancer awareness and prevention
  • Sexual health
  • Work-life balance




Cycle of Change

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