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Most of us spend much of our time at work and it is one of the most important places we can get guidance and support. Cornwall Council has a national award-winning Health and Wellbeing Program committed to providing healthcare information and opportunities for employees to live healthier lives. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Champions

Central to our workplace Health and Wellbeing program is the training and support of Health, Safety and Wellbeing Champions in workplaces. Employees that undergo Health Champion training are able to access BID funding to develop a wellbeing initiative as well as exclusive Health Champion events such as network meetings and an annual wellbeing conference.


The Health, Safety and Wellbeing team are able to offer a range of bespoke wellbeing training to suit the needs of your workplace, from mindfulness and resilience to healthy eating to manager training. Training can be developed specifically for a workplace if required.

Website access and information

Workplaces that buy in to our offer will gain exclusive member access to our new website, which will provide information/advice on a range of wellbeing topics, covering physical, mental and financial health. The website will also signpost to local (and national) organisations which support these various aspects of individual wellbeing and can offer free (or low cost) resources to support your wellbeing program.

Access to existing wellbeing initiatives

Our team run a variety of wellbeing initiatives throughout the year aimed at improving physical and/or mental health, from physical activity referrals to cooking courses to creative arts projects. Buying into our wellbeing programme will allow access to these programmes at a reduced cost.

Ongoing support and advice

Our wellbeing team are on hand to provide support, advice, guidance, signposting and resources via telephone/email throughout the week.


Wellbeing Checks

We can carry out wellbeing checks for your employees and provide brief lifestyle advice based on the results. These can be delivered at your premises on mutually convenient days. During wellbeing checks, we measure:-

  • Blood pressure / heart rate
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat rating
  • BMI
  • Waist

Lifestyle Clinics

Lifestyle Clinics are designed to support individuals to make healthy changes to their current lifestyle. Knowledge and advice can be offered on a range of topics, including diet, exercise, weight loss, smoking, alcohol as well as stress and building resilience.

During these clinics a member of the wellbeing team will work with the individual to look at some of the things they are currently doing that may be affecting their health. Where areas for change are identified, together they will work to explore any current barriers, their readiness and work towards setting goals that are both achievable and realistic.

Joint Pain Advice service

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing team at Cornwall Council are working with an NHS organisation called the Health Innovation Network (HIN) to offer eligible employees who experience chronic knee, hip or back pain access to Joint Pain Advice. This is as part of a wider pilot study being undertaken by the HIN called ‘Joint Pain Advice (‘JPA’) in the workplace’. 

A referral involves seeing a Joint Pain Advisor for four appointments over a 6 month period. Appointments involve receiving advice and information about joint or back pain and learning self-management strategies such as action planning, pain management and pacing. 

Staff wellbeing surveys

Our team is able to work with higher management in an organisation to create a targeted online health and wellbeing questionnaire to analyse the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of up to 500 employees.

Results are anonymous which encourages a higher level of response, allowing for a greater picture of staff health and wellbeing.

A report will be provided to higher management on the results of the survey.

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