"Having a trained health champion in our department means that we have access and awareness to all the different health initiatives and campaigns taking place. It also educates us about our wellbeing and I feel we are more proactive in looking after our health."

Employee recruitment and retention

  • 75% of employers struggle to recruit the talent they need
  • Replacing an employee costs between 50% and 150% of their annual salary
  • 70% of employees say they are more likely to remain with a company if they feel their health and wellbeing are considered

What are the main effects of a workplace wellbeing programme on recruitment & retention?

  • Reputation of being a caring employer
  • Attracting highly skilled workers
  • Better retention of highly skilled staff
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs
  • Reduced temporary employment costs


Employers are facing an increasingly challenging recruitment and retention environment as more EU citizens leave the UK and fewer join. On top of an ageing workforce, UK employers will have to think about how they can attract and retain the staff they need for future business success.

While salary is always going to be important, things like flexible working and an attractive set of employee benefits can now turn heads more than ever before. As a result, the proportion of employers that are actively choosing to invest in workplace wellbeing initiatives and programmes is steadily increasing. 

Employers that commit to improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce stand out for their well-rounded approach to providing for their employees. Your commitment to wellbeing will help cement your reputation as a top employer.

If you are a workplace that is looking to implement a workplace wellbeing programme and are interested in what we have to offer, please message us via our Contact Us page.  

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