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Last week I set a challenge on our Facebook group. The mission: for people to write a haiku about their lives since lockdown began; and you did not disappoint!

For reference, a haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of three lines. The first line should be five syllables, the second should consist of seven syllables and the last line should be five again. They are often themed around nature (perhaps why I love them) but can be about everything and anything! Sometimes they can take a little while to get your head around syllables again (especially if, like me, it has been a while since Primary school) but once you do they are so addictive. I just sat down to add a couple of mine to the list and I cannot stop! I would highly recommend them as a quick and easy mindful activity as they are an excellent way to destress for a little while, although warning you will find you cannot stop! 

Without further ado here is a collection of Haikus written by some wonderfully talented people within Cornwall Council:

Nearly 5 weeks in,

All is shut but my heart, open

To learn, love and be.


Books open our mind,

To adventure and explore,

Whilst our bodies rest.


Locked down, stuck at home,

But transported by the words

Held between pages.


Though my body is here,

My mind is not, transported,

By words on a page.


Slob: a state of mind,

2pm in pyjamas,

Yet to change my pants.


Just opened the fridge.

It said: “What do you want now?”.

I need to diet.


Lockdown reflection,
A moment shared together,
Whilst we wait, apart.

Sat in the garden,
Listening to the birds sing,
Nature is healing.


Opening laptop,
The pitter patter of paws,
Cat bum in my face.


I am at home now,

It isn't too bad at all,

But I miss my hugs.


Too much food and wine,

I know there’s a price to pay,

Deal with it later.


Longing and yearning,

For just one hug from my son,

Distance is not fun.


For now, we must wait,

And contemplate our own fate,

Tomorrow we live!


Trekking here and there,

Never felt more calm and zen,

Here’s to less chins.


Fitbit got me good,

Here’s to ten thousand steps,

Feet are hating it.


So much fun on zoom,

Reconnecting with old friends,

The next day will hurt.




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