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Stopping smoking

Be a fighter. Put down the lighter. 

Stopping smoking is the number one thing anyone can do to improve their health. We all know that smoking is bad for your health, we know it is responsible for over 80% of deaths from lung cancer and a quarter of deaths from heart disease. This page will provide you with many simple tips and practical advice to help you stop smoking. 


In the UK one person dies from a smoking-related disease every four minutes.


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One You Smokefree


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You are four times more likely to quit with support from the Stop Smoking Service

  • Stop Smoking Service

The Stop Smoking Service CIOS offers FREE help and support to anyone who wants to stop smoking.It has been proven that using the friendly help and support of a trained NHS advisor plus medication on prescription you are up to four times more likely to successfully quit smoking.Tel: 01209 313419

SmokeFree NHS has lots of free support to help you stop for good. Choose from our smartphone app, Quit Kit, email programme or text messages that will keep you focused wherever you are.You can also speak to your doctor, pharmacy team or local NHS Stop Smoking Service for expert advice on stop smoking medicines.

SmokeFree  South West is commissioned by 15 Public Health teams based in local authorities across the region to deliver an evidence-based programme to create a Smokefree future for our children by accelerating the reduction in smoking rate across the South West to make tobacco use less desirable and accessible.They combat illegal tobacco and campaign for smokefree homes and smokefree hospitals.Tel: 0117 9707022 and visit BE THERE TOMORROW for more information. 

Studies suggest that an estimated 60% of smokers in the South West use hand rolling tobacco*, with some choosing it based on a dangerous misconception – that it’s healthier for you than manufactured cigarettes and contains fewer harmful chemicals. This is not true. Wise up to Roll Ups offer the following;

  1. Request a pouch
  2. Hand rolling tobacco video

If you would like any further information please call on Tel: 0800 022 4332. 


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