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Stress test

Resilience Self Assessment Tool

This section relates to the events and experiences that you are currently facing or have recently faced.

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I find that, when things go wrong or seem difficult, I can approach problems positively.



You scored x%.

Resilience section results = low

You have a low score (between 0% and 30%) on the Resilience section of this survey

A low score on this section indicates that you might find coping with the pressures and demands of work and life difficult.

You might also feel quite negatively about your work and life, and sometimes feel isolated. In order to have a sense of wellbeing and happiness, it's important to develop a sense of resilience, to feel in control and to take decisions that both enable you to feel you're in the right job and place in your life; from your responses it seems you could do with some support in these areas.

It can really help to talk to someone else about these issues, as our coping ability is often linked with experiences of demands. In addition, a low sense of resilience, control and engagement that can sometimes lead to anxiety or depression.

Ask yourself the question - is there something I can do to change things in my life just a little?

Just asking the question can help you start to gain a little more control. However you may find you need some help with this.

Resilience section results = medium

You have a medium score (between 31% and 60%) on the Resilience section of this survey

Your score on this section indicates that you deal reasonably well with the demands and pressures in your life and work, and that you usually feel in control.

However there may be times when this is not the case - and this might occur particularly at times of high pressure.

Having a high level of resilience enables us to deal with problems and challenges positively and to learn from them. It can also support us in engaging more positively with our life and work - and this can really make us happier!

Working on your resilience and coping abilities is really a win-win approach. Just bear in mind that resilience is an emotionally intelligent place to be -resilient people will always look for support when the pressure is on. They know their limits and boundaries and when to ask for help; they are also aware that resilience depends on strong, positive and mutually-supportive relationships with others.

Resilience section results = high

You have scored highly (between 61% and 100%) on the Resilience section of this survey

Your score in this section indicates that you have a high degree of resilience and coping ability, and that, generally, you regard life and work positively.

At your best, you probably sometimes experience a sense of 'flow' -getting lost in activities and experience in a way that can feels really positive, rewarding and exhilarating.

You usually feel in control and know when and where to get support from others when you need it. You are probably also aware that your strong resilience depends on your own personal development and emotional intelligence, and on positive and mutually supportive relationships with others.

Being resilient will also support you when you face difficult times in the future - or when pressure and demand are high.

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