The Wellbeing Team at Cornwall Council are responsible for developing and implementing a variety of wellbeing initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of employees. 

NOTE: At present these initiatives have been ceased due to the impacts of covid-19. We are hoping to set these up again in Winter 2020/2021.

Promoting Mental Wellness through Physical Activity 

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team are offering Cornwall Council staff that are currently suffering from poor mental health (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression) the opportunity to improve their mental wellness via a fully-funded, personalised physical activity programme delivered 1:1 by a personal trainer.

Aims of the programme

Through the programme of physical activity, it is aimed that employees will;

  • build confidence
  • improve mental wellness
  • develop resilience
  • increase self-esteem

What the referral involves

The basic funded package for referral involves 8 x personal training session (45-60 min). Individuals that the provider perceives as needing further sessions may receive additional funding for these if approved by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team after consultation with the provider.

Where are the sessions held?

Currently, the physical activity programme is based in Newquay and therefore you will need the ability to travel to the provider’s facility in this location. We may in future be able to offer mobile appointments at alternative locations.

When will the sessions be held?

Our hope is that managers are able to release employees during work time in order to attend these sessions as an official Occupational Health and Wellbeing referral. If this is not possible, employees may have to undertake the referral in their own time.

Sessions will be arranged between the referred individual and the provider. The times the provider is available to offer referral sessions include:

  • Monday: 8am - 9.15am, 10.15am - 15.45pm, 7pm-9pm
  • Tuesday: 8am - 9.15am, 10.15am - 16.30pm
  • Wednesday: 8am - 9.15am, 10.15am - 15.45pm, 7pm-9pm
  • Thursday: 8am - 9.15am, 10.15am - 16.30pm
  • Friday: 8am - 9.15am, 10.15am - 16.30pm
  • Saturday: 8am-9am
  • Sunday: 9am-10am

However, availability on these days/times depend upon the availability and current commitments of the provider.

Referral process

If you are suffering from poor mental health and would like to refer yourself to the programme, please email

Upon expressing interest via self-referral, the Wellbeing team will get in touch with you to organise an initial assessment to be carried out face to face, either at the HS&W offices (Fowey building at New County Hall) or at your place of work in a private room, to ensure you are a credible applicant to the programme.

During this session, we will confidentially discuss why you would like to undertake the referral and ask you to fill out a questionnaire on the state of your mental health. We will also take some physical baseline measurements (e.g. height, weight, BMI, blood pressure). 

If you are eligible for referral, we will refer you to the physical activity provider who will then be in touch with you to arrange your initial assessment with them. 


Arts Well

An 8 week creative arts initiative designed to improve your mental wellbeing and help you develop skills and resources that you can use to manage stress and anxiety.

No previous experience or arts skills are needed and all materials will be provided. The sessions will be fun and relaxed with plenty of tea, coffee and chat.

For more information, please contact the wellbeing team on:


Nordic Walking

Frankie, a qualified British Nordic Walking Instructor from the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team, will be running beginner's skills workshops and an ongoing walking group

For more information, please contact the wellbeing team on:

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